Hello, my name is Mustafa Dur.
I am Ironman a teacher.

I Teach

I Develop

I Blog

I am a teacher, geek and passionate about programming.

I am a chemistry teacher. I graduated from Bogazici University. I have a master's degree in education. Do you know what's the best thing about being a chemistry teacher? I can do all kinds of explosions and entertain myself, just for the sake of science. Besides, it gives you opportunities to prank your students, multiple times. If you are fancy, you may check my blog.

Besides chemistry, I like to work with computers. I experimented with most programming languages like Assembly, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++, and lastly Swift. I have an urgue to understand how computer programs work. Therefore, I tinkered with lots of programs on different platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS and embedded systems.

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I live in the amazing Istanbul

You may contact me via mustafa [at] mustafadur.com